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AWS Planet Earth Award



The Alliance of World Scientists’ (AWS) Planet Earth Award acknowledges individuals who champion life on Earth. These individuals demonstrate exceptional creativity or contributions in their work in science-based advocacy with the public, policymakers, or other non-scientist groups seeking solutions to environmental challenges. The award will recognize individual people or be shared by two or more people.



Scientists are eligible for the Planet Earth award. 


Selection criteria

The recipient (or recipients) of the award will be a scientist who meets at least the first criterion:

  1. [Required] Engaged in applied science or science-based advocacy with other scientists, the public, policymakers, or other non-scientist groups about one or more environmental challenges.
  2. [Optional] Demonstrates exceptional creativity, contributions, or impact in their  work.
  3. [Optional] Their work and outcomes are grounded in justice or related ideas

Science advocacy can take many forms, including public outreach and education, policy advocacy, community engagement, conducting applied science, defending scientific integrity, and support for research and innovation. It seeks to bridge the gap between the scientific community and the broader public, encouraging dialogue, understanding, and support for scientific endeavors.


Nomination procedure

We use a three-step nomination process:

  1. Send in a nomination letter of no more than 1 page that describes the nominee and addresses at least the first selection criterion as an email to: (no self-nominations are accepted).
  2. Submitted nomination letters will be evaluated and ranked by a committee of AWS members.
  3. Full nomination packets will be solicited from those nomination letters that are placed on a short-list of finalists.

We seek nominations of individuals who work or have impacts anywhere in the world and at any scale (local to global). Our goal is to empower people by recognizing their work, and as such, we encourage nominations of people representing underserved populations.



For the 2024 award, nominations must be submitted by January 16, 2024. We expect to announce the winner(s) by April 2024 or sooner.


The Award

We will share information about the winner(s) and their work with AWS members and the public, in the form of an award webpage and possibly a press release.


About the AWS

The AWS provides the collective international voice of thousands of scientists regarding the global climate crisis and environmental trends with the intent to turn accumulated knowledge into action. Scientists from all disciplines are invited to join the AWS. There are currently more than 26,000 scientist members.