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We invite all scientists to be signatories on this global environmental article

If you are a scientist from any scientific discipline (e.g. ecology, medicine, economics, etc.), and are concerned about global environmental and climate trends, we invite you to become a co-signatory for our in-press Viewpoint article in the journal Bioscience entitled “World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: a second notice” by Ripple et. al. (2017).  In doing so, you will be included in the full list of signatories in the article’s online supplemental material. Before signing, we ask that you view our 1,000-word article by clicking “Read the Article” tab below (the text can be read in only 6 minutes).

When you click “Sign the Article” and add your name, you will be indicating that you generally agree that to prevent widespread misery caused by catastrophic damage to the biosphere, humanity must practice a more environmentally sustainable alternative to business-as-usual.

Thank you for your support of our effort to reflect on the 25th anniversary of the renowned World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity initiated by the Union of Concerned Scientists. As a cosignatory, you will help get this message to world leaders. More than 13,000 scientists from 180 countries have already signed.


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Loading the list of signatories will take some time as the list grows.